I knew this show was going to ruin the rest of my year!

Before we could even move past last night’s loss on The Flash, viewers have been hit with another death, but this time on Arrow.

Unlike The Flash, this new victim is yet to be identified because it hasn’t quite happened yet.

The scene with Oliver Queen standing over a freshly dug grave and mourning the loss of someone that was clearly close to him was a forward preview of six months down the track.

While viewers weren’t able to see the name on the grave stone, the single tear that raced down Oliver’s cheek suggests he was fairly intimate with the deceased.


That, and there was also Oliver’s decision to revert back to killing and avenge his friend.

“I’m going to kill him [Damien Darhk],” Oliver tells Barry Allen who flashed in for a short period.

Unlike past deaths on the show (Oliver, Sara, Merlin and Slade Wilson)  this one is going to stick (like Tommy), according to executive producer Marc Guggenheim.

“It’s not a fake out,” he told Entertainment Tonight. “They will stay dead.”

So now fans are all like – WHO THE HELL DIES?



The Bestie?


It could be Diggle. He’s the one character on the show that is truly fearful of death, mostly because he’s the one with the most to leave behind (his wife and daughter).

Knowing he’s partially responsible for Diggle’s involvement on the team, guilt could drive Oliver back to killing.

Diggle is also the only character Oliver isn’t on great terms with at the moment so it would make great TV for Diggle to die just as they fix their friendship.


The Ex


Or maybe it’s Laurel. We all know her sister Sara will be resurrected at some point this season to join Legends of Tomorrow and once she does she’ll likely want her leather jacket and code name back.

Can there be two Canaries running around at the same time? The answer to that is probably yes, but still some food for thought.


The Ex’s Dad


Or maybe it’s Laurel’s dad, Captain Lance. He and Oliver have a fairly tense relationship and Lance isn’t very shy about expressing his dislike of Mr Queen. But at the end of the day Ollie respects the Captain.

Now that Lance is working with Damien Darhk, we expect he’ll be exposed to true evil and realise Oliver is actually trying to do good as The Green Arrow.


The Sibling


Could it be Speedy or Thea? I’m not even going to consider this one. Oliver has already lost everyone in his family, it just wouldn’t be right to kill off his baby sister.


The Love of His Life


And then there’s the one everyone is thinking, but not saying because it’s ‘too obvious’.

Will it be the beautiful and quirky tech genius that stole Oliver’s heart.

It could be!

First, why would Barry turn up to anyone else’s funeral? He wouldn’t. The only person Oliver and Barry share in common is Felicity.

Second, he’s said it on the show before – there’s no room for Oliver to love and be a vigilante at the same time. Felicity has softened him and killing her off (it burns me to type that) would open his character up to new emotions, behaviours and struggles.

Arrow Season 4 Episode 1


Side note, did you catch Oliver’s David Spade hair-do in the flashbacks? Werk it Queen.

Oh and was it just me or did Damien Darhk’s agenda sounded a little similar to that of Wilson Fisk from Season One of Daredevil – destroy the city if it’s broken.

But unlike Fisk, Darhk has no intention of rebuilding it.

Our money is on Laurel. Who do you think will die in ‘six months’ on Arrow?

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