The Arrow and his team of vigilantes return to our TV screens this week and while part of us can’t wait for the fourth season, the other part can’t help but freak out a little.

The forthcoming episodes promise more action, more baddies and some kick-ass new costumes as Oliver Queen and his crew fight to defend Starling City.

As well as the same ol’ crew (minus Roy), this season will see the addition of at least three new characters, including Mr. Terrific who will debut in the second episode. There’s also Batman villain, Anarky, who will be played by Alexander Calvert from The Dead Zone as well as Damian Darhk – the major villain described as ‘mysterious and sophisticated’ and an adversary of the late Ra’s Al Ghul.

New characters aren’t the only exciting addition. Oliver and Diggle will sport new suits, plus there’s new digs featuring a round table – very King Arthur.

And as excited as we are for all of the above, we can’t help but think Arrow will completely ruin the rest of our year. Here’s why:


1. We’ve spent most of 2015 counting down the days for the show to return



2. And when it finally does Arrow will give us one hour of relief



3. The episode will end and the days between episodes will really, really drag



4. But then Ollie will return again and we’ll get another green fix 



5. We’ll watch enviously as ‘Olicity’ blooms



6. But you know the couple is sitting on a relationship time-bomb 



7. So every time they fight we’re probably going to be all like… 



8. In true Arrow-style, it’s only a matter of time until somebody dies (or seemingly dies). Which will be a complete stab in the heart!



9. And you know the mid-season will end on a cliff hanger



10. Which will leave this look plastered on our faces until the show returns in 2016  



But then again with bodies like this



And this 



Plus a new Arrow costume and a great story-line, we say bring on the emotional roller-coaster

Arrow 3x23 Olicity Drive 3 Gif

Are you excited for the return of Arrow?

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