Nobody puts Katniss in the corner.

But they’re definitely going to try.

You can almost see the rage behind the Mockingjay’s eyes in this new sneak peek clip, in which she, Gale and Finnick are told they’re “too valuable to fight”.

Dubbed as the ‘Star Squad’, the unit was created to ‘inspire the masses’ by staying out of harm’s way but also being filmed seemingly in action “on abandoned streets miles from the front line”.

The Hunger Games 2

“We are not a combat unit, so we will be following days behind the front line troops,” Squad 451’s unit leader explains.

“You’re to be the on-screen faces of the invasion. It’s been decided that you’re more effective when being seen by the masses.”

We get the feeling this won’t stop the bow and arrow master from finding her way to the fight.

Check out the clip below.

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