Our Fear the Walking Dead crew could be heading out where no other survivor (that we know of) has thought to go… out to sea.

As the first season of The Walking Dead spin-off series came to a close, creators proved that they’re not just setting out to discuss the origin and spread of the infection, but to answer a few of those burning fan queries.

Like, how were major army bases overrun by walkers? *Cough* Daniel.

What if the infected made it onto planes?  Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462. Side note: was that a part of the plane they drove past?

And, why doesn’t anyone try surviving off land? Tonight’s episode hinted that our crew could very well help answer this question during the show’s season second.

After breaking Nick, Liza and Nick’s new bestie, Strand, out of the compound (thanks to a swarm of walkers released by Daniel), the crew drove West to Strand’s house by the beach.

Telling the group that ‘he’d prepared’ for the outbreak, his property has back up generators, food and plenty of other supplies to help them survive.


Although secluded and walker-free (for the moment), Strand tells Nick that the group can’t stay there and that they need to “stay in constant motion” – nice hint there about being on the ocean.

Strand then introduces Nick to ‘Abigail’ – his boat docked a little out to sea where he assumes no walker can get to.

But can walkers swim? We don’t have the answer to this one yet too. What we do know is that if they sit in water long enough they eventually start to absorb it. Remember the well walker from season two of The Walking Dead? Ew.


We’ll just have to wait until next season to find out.

In the meantime, we can all start asking ourselves whether Strand is trustworthy considering he was locked up in the compound with Nick, driving his fellow cell mates crazy and bartering with soldiers.

On another note, Liza won’t be travelling out to sea with the crew in the second season.

Ironically, the ‘infected’ Daniel released to save Nick and Liza actually ended up being the reason she became the second main character to die this season.


Chris’ mother was unknowingly bitten by a walker as the group tried to escape the compound. She kept it hidden until they reached Strand’s house where she privately asked Maddy to shoot her.

Of course, Travis wasn’t too far behind them and ended up pulling the trigger himself.

But she didn’t leave the group without leaving them some valuable walker information:

  • The bite doesn’t turn you, the infection does
  • But it doesn’t matter how you die, you will come back

Are you keen to see if the group can survive out at sea?

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