Superhero groups are all the rage right now and it looks like another team of saviours could be stepping out of the comics and onto the small screen.

According to Collider, HBO (home to Game of Thrones and Entourage) has confirmed it is in ‘preliminary discussions’ to potentially turn DC Comic’s Watchmen into its newest hit series.

The network allegedly revealed in an exclusive statement to the website that talks are underway but ‘no deals are in place’.

“Preliminary discussions regarding Watchmen have occurred but we have no additional information and no deals are in place,” the statement to Collider is believed to have said.


The announcement comes as consumer demand for shows and movies featuring more than one superhero continues to rise.

The Avengers and X-Men helped kick off the trend a few years back by bringing several key characters together in their separate movies to defend earth. This was followed by Guardians of the Galaxy and the forthcoming Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice.  

On television, shows like Arrow and The Flash responded to the ‘more than one superhero’ trend by arranging several crossover episodes.

Arrow and The Flash

While DC Comics prepares to launch its team of vigilantes, Legends of Tomorrow on CW later this year and Marvel works with Netflix to unite Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and Iron Fist in Marvel’s The Defenders.

If the new deal does go ahead, Watchmen would be HBO’s first team of comic-based heroes. They would fit nicely at the network which doesn’t shy away from violence.

The show would also be the first attempt at bringing the Watchmen to Hollywood since the 2009 film starring Jackie Earle Haley and Malin Akerman.

Do you prefer a show about a team of heroes or just one?

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