There’s now officially a week until our favourite Salvatore brothers and their supernatural friends (and enemies) return to the small screen.

That’s right, the seventh season of The Vampire Diaries will resume on 8 October but this time it’ll be one key character short.

I’m sure all TVD fans are aware of Nina Dobrev’s departure from the show (if not where the hell have you been?). Her decision to leave was revealed earlier this year, which is why her character Elena Gilbert was hexed into a deep slumber towards the end of last season. She’ll remain that way until her BFF, Bonnie, kicks the bucket.

As sad as we are to see her leave there’s still a string of incredible characters drawing us back for the forthcoming season.

The entire TVD team has been pretty tight-lipped about what we can expect, so we decided to list a few ideas (predictions) of what we expect our remaining faves will face in the coming episodes.

Note: this is pure speculation



Jeremy TVD

He lost his sister, he got her back and then he lost her again – not to mention he lost his mum, his dad, his Aunt, his first girlfriend and his second girlfriend (but then got her back and then lost her again and then got her back only to have her essentially dump him).

It’s a twisted life for dearest Jeremy, which is why we think he’ll go back to his emotional outlet – vampire hunting.

We don’t expect to see him for a few episodes – and if we do, it will only be the first episode.

Note to script writers: if he is a season regular, can you please ensure he is shirtless? Much appreciated.




We see Alaric at the bar – joking (kind of).

The guy lost ALOT in final episode of season six… a lot! As a HUGGGEEEE Alaric fan we can’t tell you how saddened we were to see him lose not just his fiance but his twins.

Love is definitely not in the foreseeable future for Alaric, but we think he’ll either act out or completely seclude himself to deal with the loss.

Once his emotions have subsided a little, we expect Alaric will join the fight against Damon and Stefan’s mum, Lily, and her group of vampire witches. We also expect him to secretly conduct research on whether he can break the hex on Bonnie and Elena.




Adorable Matty, the only non-supernatural being (other than Alaric) left on the show.

When we return Matt would have lost his best friend Tyler (who was advised by Elena to leave in the final episode of season six) and his oldest friend Elena.

We think he’ll put all his focus into completing his police training and working his up the officer ranks. By the end of the series we expect he’ll be the Sheriff of Mystic Falls.

But before we get too far ahead, Matt will likely join the Salvatore brothers to help bring down their mum and her ‘family’. His motivation for helping will be to protect the humans of the town.



The Vampire Diaries Bonnie

She came back from complete isolation with a whole new attitude, but it bit her on the arse and left her magically tied to her bestie in the worst way possible.

Bonnie will live everyday knowing that the reason Elena lays sleeping in a casket is because she’s alive and we think that guilt will make her stronger and more determined that ever before.

We’re not sure if she’ll head back to college this season although we can’t really see her getting a job anytime soon either.

We predict that her relationship with Damon will grow in a completely platonic way and unfortunately we don’t see her getting back with Jeremy any time soon either.

So to summaries: we have no idea how her character will develop this season but we do know she will play a large role in eradicating witch and vampire cross-breeds.


Caroline & Stefan

Caroline and Stefan gif

She and he became a ‘we’… finally.

How could anyone turn Stefan down after he gave that incredibly romantic speech during the final few minutes of season six?

So obviously they’re the Mystic Falls vampire community’s new ‘it’ couple and could there be a baby in their future?

Candice Accola (who plays Caroline) is pregnant in real life. Now writers can either try to hide her growing bump with over-sized handbags or they can write it into the story.

We know Stefan is a family man, a sweet man and during the first few seasons he was a vampire searching for a means of becoming human again. Maybe he and Caroline find a way to do just that?

If so, that would give Caroline and Stefan the chance to live in the suburbs with a couple of young-ones running around.

Aside from their future, we see Stefan trying to ‘save’ his mother. Unfortunately, we don’t see that working out too well and he may even be the one to put a wooden stake in her heart.




He just lost the love of his life, the woman he was going to turn human for.

The last season saw a complete 180 of Damon’s character, moving from an asshole to a selfless being that was willing to give up his own happiness in order to save a friend (Bonnie).

While much as changed, his character still has a way to go and the coming season gives fans a chance to see what Damon Salvatore is like without Elena.

Will he go rogue? Will he switch off his humanity? We don’t think so.

Yes, he’ll be lonely but he has his buddy Alaric going through the same thing, so perhaps the pair will help each other heal?

We think Damon will find some happiness and even move on while he patiently waits for Elena to wake from her slumber and turn him human.

In the meantime, he has the issue of a psycho mother running around with a handful of emotionally dependent vampire witches. This will likely be his main focus during the first half of the season before another evil comes along.

What are your predictions for The Vampire Diaries Season 7?

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