Travelling between worlds, Captain Cold, The Crimson Speedster & a little bit or Irry (is that the official Barry/Iris nickname?).

The trailer for The Flash Season 2 dropped earlier this week, giving fans a 30 second sneak peek of the series before it returns to TV.

So, what did we learn during that brief viewing?

Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell are back as the charming thieves, Captain Cold and Heat Wave.

Barry meets the Crimson Comet, who appears to be the only character Cisco doesn’t name.

The Flash season 2 poster

The pair discuss ‘other worlds’ where one Doctor Zoom is causing havoc.

Speaking of Cisco, he’s learning a little about his own superhuman abilities, which he discovered late last season (when he was killed by a substitute father).

And of course there’s the unrequited love between Iris and Barry. Will she acknowledge her feelings for him now that Eddie is out of the way?

That’s a lot of information for 30 seconds.

Another person to look out for this season is Dr Wells, who according to Executive Producer Gabrielle Stanton, will be back as a “very different Wells”.

Meanwhile, the red suited speedster, who discovered last season he could manipulate time, is expected to start experimenting with that ability while discovering new ones.

Check out the Season 2 trailer below.

Did you spot anything else?

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