Welcome aboard Flight 462 where your flight attendant is likely to eat you alive if you don’t stow away your bags and no amount of safety equipment will keep you alive.

Have you been watching Fear the Walking Dead regularly? If you have, you may have noticed a plane flying over our main characters a few episodes ago.

It stood out because A. who the hell was alive outside the ‘gated commuity’, and B. the aircraft was clearly experiencing some sort of turbulence or a commotion on board that was causing the aircraft to sway.

Fear the Walking Dead plane

Either way, the moment we saw it we knew it was taken over by a couple (if not dozens) of ‘infected’ passengers.

And our theory was right, because AMC has decided to roll out a web series officially titled Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462.

The 16-part series will debut on AMC.com on Sunday 4 October following the conclusion of the first season of Fear the Walking Dead.

Each episode will be less than one minute long and will debut every Sunday online.


According to AMC, the series will tell the story of a group of passengers flying in the aircraft ‘during the earliest moments of the outbreak’.

Over the course of the 16 episodes, viewers will watch as the lives of passengers are put at risk not only because infected travellers are seating right next to them, but because they’re travelling at 32,000 feet above land.

In addition, one of the characters in the mini-series will join Fear the Walking Dead in its second season.

Will you be watching Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462?

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