They share one very interesting (and kinda cute) leading man. 

According to a UK publication, the heavy metal group’s lead vocalist has agreed to lend his distinctive (and sometimes terrifying) vocals to the hit BBC series, Doctor Who.

Although we won’t get to see Corey Taylor on screen (which wouldn’t be so different considering he wears a mask most of the time), we will be able to hear him dubbed over the show’s alien warlord, Fisher King.


Taylor is undoubtedly a perfect fit for the character that’s often described as a hulk-like creature with horns.

Who better to ‘roar’ for such an alien than the man with an iconic scream and the second highest vocal range in popular music (#jealous).

Doctor Who King Fisher

Also it turns out the vocalist is a bit of a Whovian and was thrilled to be part of the series.

“They [producers] gave him a VIP tour and asked if Corey wanted to record his famous scream,” the Mirror has reported.

“He agreed instantly and was made up about it.”

Do you think Taylor would make the best Fisher King? 

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