Is it just me or did it seem like the government may have had everything under control for like a second… and then they made one HUGE mistake.

I’m not sure about you guys, but I’ve been quite surprised at how organised the government and army have been in containing and controlling the infection. So surprised, I was actually starting to wonder if the outbreak was actually going to happen.

They set up high fences; they introduced a curfew; they moved the sick into a hospital; set up jails to monitor the dangerous and mentally unstable; they were taking everyone’s temperatures; and they knew two important facts: everyone turns and only a ‘traumatic injury to the brain’ will prevent conversion.

Fear the Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 5

They have all the makings to contain and eliminate the threat. So what’s the problem? What’s the one thing that could screw everyone over and make humans the endangered species on planet earth?

No, it’s not their arrogant attitudes or the fact they’re abandoning their people (shocked btw!).

But maybe, just maybe it’s the arena they filled with 2,000 walkers! Nice job guys. The best part is they just left them there and didn’t bother blowing it up.


The information about the thousands of trapped walkers was uncovered by Daniel, who used torture (no for real, he’s pretty bad ass) to get the information out of Ofilia’s lover.

That wasn’t the only thing he found out – his El Salvadorian survival smarts (albeit scary AF) actually came quite in handy because it turns out the army was going ahead with operation Cobalt – a military order to not only abandon the survivors but exterminate them in a bid to ensure no one is left behind to turn.


We’ll have to see if the soldiers go ahead with it but something tells me they’re not all bad and some will want to assist those left behind – although they did start evacuation so…


On another note, Chris and Alicia are finally starting to bond (maybe a little too much – I know they’re not even step siblings, but still :/). The two let off a little steam by trashing an abandoned home before breaking into the family’s liquor cabinet.

Over at the  ‘quarantine camp’, ‘headquarters’, ‘a facility nearby’ or ‘hospital’, Nick is obligated to his jail-mate who gave a pair of cufflinks to one of the soldiers in exchange for keeping the recovering drug addict in his cell. It’s surprising the material things are still a commodity despite everything that’s going on.

The guy, whose name I didn’t catch (did you?), has a key to escape and is aware soldiers are starting to pull out.


And finally, Griselda is the first of the group to cark it. It was kind of sad but to be honest her character wasn’t around long enough to connect to.

Speaking of which, is anyone else finding it a little difficult caring about the characters in the show? I’m obsessed with so many members of The Walking Dead crew, but I just can’t latch onto anyone in this series.

Do you think the soldiers made any big mistakes this episode?

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