Meet Barry Allen (adorable right?), he was a young forensic scientist living a relatively normal life (relatively!) until one night…



He had just returned home from a short trip to Starling City where he helped the Green Arrow and his new crush Felicity kick ass.



He was in his loft researching his mother’s bizarre and untimely death (I said a relatively normal life right?) when he was struck by lightning… on the same night a particle accelerator experiment went completely haywire.



The freak accident put him in an extensive coma. He slept for almost three quarters of a year only to awake in a place called S.T.A.R Labs feeling healthier than ever before!



A we mean healthy! The rail thin dude woke up with abs…



An increased appetite…



Oh, and he could run faster than a train. Faster than speeding bullet. Even faster than time and space. He was literally the fastest man alive. He was The Flash. (Learn more on Barry’s backstory by picking up a copy of The Flash Season 1 on DVD or Blu-ray today).



Needless to say I was immediately jealous and came up with several uses for The Flash’s speed in everyday life…

Like, if I could move as fast as The Flash, I’d give myself a generous one hour sleep-in every morning (*sigh*).



I’d skip those slow elevator rides and just run up buildings… because I can!



To be honest, I’d probably use my new-found super-speed to run past my nemesis and give him/her the ultimate wedgy (they wouldn’t even see me coming) – don’t lie, you would too.



I’d use my speed to test out the durability of my new kicks…



I’d probably start doing this with my hands at wild parties just to watch all the drunks trip out – did I mention #evil?



And I’d impress everyone on the dance floor with moves like this…



If I could borrow Barry’s superhuman ability I’d totally reduce my one hour daily workout to just three seconds.

Run Barry Gif


And feel less guilty about eating that family block of chocolate by doing a couple of laps around the block during ad breaks (while watching The Flash of course).



I’d literally be a flash of light if I spotted my ex at the mall



In fact, I’d probably run away from ex so fast that I’d actually turn back time and warn myself to AVOID him/her like the plague.



I’d really want to meet someone with the same ability so we could do this…



And of course, I’d try to help the world too or maybe I’d just leave that to the other metahuman speedsters…


What would you use The Flash’s speed to runaway from?

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