The man behind our favourite vigilante has confirmed what we long expected – wearing the green hoodie and carrying a bow gives a sense of total empowerment.

Speaking in an exclusive video featurette unveiled in conjunction with the release of Arrow Season 3 on DVD & Blu-ray in Australia, Stephen Amell aka Oliver Queen aka Arrow revealed what it’s like wearing the iconic outfit and how it helps him get into character.

“No matter how tired I am or how long I’ve been working I can always feel like somebody else, no pun intended, when I put on the suit,” he said.

Arrow 1

Amell continued, explaining that the feeling of putting on the green hoodie and carrying a bow is ‘powerful’ and almost unexplainable.

“You can see this with everybody, there’s a stance, there’s a way you carry yourself in a superhero costume that can’t totally be explained until you put one on.”

“You feel powerful, you feel in charge and your voice deepens.”

The Arrow Cast

Throughout the first three seasons, Amell’s superhero gear consisted of an aging green hoodie, which once belonged to his mentor Yao Fei. The torn piece was attached to a leather motorcycle jacket.

Taking advice from a friend and fellow superhero, Barry Allen aka The Flash, he added a green eye mask to the outfit early in Season 2.


However, in the coming season, the entire getup is set to receive a bit of an upgrade, with Oliver Queen ditching the faux leather for a full-leather, shoulder padded suit featuring elbow-length gloves and arrows on the hoodie. Click here to check it out.

Hit play below to see the cast of Arrow talk about their ‘second skin’.

Meanwhile, GDU is celebrating the release of Arrow (Season 3), The Flash (Season 1) and Gotham (Season 1) on DVD and Blu-ray, by giving away six prizes over six days.

Today (day three) we’re giving away a copy of Arrow Season 3 on Blu-ray. Click here to find out how to enter.


What did you love about Arrow’s outfit during the first three seasons?

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