Whether you’re an avid comic book consumer or just a massive Tim Burton fan we can all agree that the city of Gotham is almost always associated with a certain caped crusader.

Well, that was the case up until last year when DC’s TV Universe took the spotlight off the heroic billionaire playboy to focus on all the faces – good and bad – that reside in the ‘dark city’.

And if that wasn’t enough to set the series apart from other comic-inspired shows, creators decided to turn back the hands of time to not just delve into ‘how’ certain characters became who they are but ‘why’.


Speaking in an exclusive Gotham Season 1 video featurette, series writer Megan Mostyn-Brown said the show is about the entire city that touches on every element from the GCPD to the Mayor, the Commissioner and more importantly… the criminal world.

“So you [viewers] can paint a full picture of what the city is and not just one boy’s journey to becoming a hero,” she said.

Gotham 5

Chief Creative Officer of DC Entertainment, Geoff Johns concurred, saying Gotham tells viewers the ‘whys’, not just the ‘hows’.

“You can explore all the great back stories of these great characters,” he explained.

“It’s not just ‘how did the Riddler become the Riddler?’ it’s more about ‘why did the Riddler become the Riddler?’

“And that’s what Gotham is going to do, it’s going to tell us the whys.”

The exclusive video featurette was unveiled this week in conjunction with the release of Gotham (Season 1), The Flash (Season 1) and Arrow (Season 3) on DVD and Blu-ray in Australia.

Yesterday, The Flash’s Grant Gustin and Jesse L. Martin talked about what sets the red suited speedster apart from his superhero peers. Click here for more.

Check out the clip about Gotham below.

Meanwhile, GDU is celebrating the release of Gotham (Season 1), The Flash (Season 1) and Arrow (Season 3) on DVD and Blu-ray in Aus with a ‘Six Days of DC’ promo, giving readers the chance to WIN six prizes over six days.

On Day 2, we’re giving away Gotham Season 1 on Blu-ray. Click here to find out how to enter.


What did you love about Gotham Season 1?

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