He’s got a special superhuman ability, emotional struggles, unrequited love and a heroic attitude, but what makes Barry Allen aka The Flash one of the more popular heroes on TV?

According to latest figures, the 23-episodes that made up Season 1 of The Flash received an average viewership of around 6.1 million people in the US alone.

It’s premier last year, had some 4.8 million views (which was one of the highest for the CW network) and it received 25 award nominations, including ‘Outstanding Visual Effects’ in the Emmys and ‘Best Dramatic Series’ in the Leo Awards.

There’s no doubt the show has been a hit since it first hit the air waves. But why?


Well, if you ask the show’s Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg, he’ll say it’s because Barry is one of the more relatable superheroes.

Kreisberg joins Grant Gustin (Barry) and Jesse L. Martin (Detective Joe West) in an exclusive The Flash Season 1 video featurette unveiled today to coincide with the release of The Flash (Season 1), Gotham (Season 1) and Arrow (Season 3) on DVD and Blu-ray. Click here for more.

He said unlike his comic peers, the red suited speedster appeals to everyday folk because he too was once quite average.


“He’s just a guy that got hit by lightning,” he said

“When you look at other DC comic characters they all tend to be gods. Superman is an alien, Diana’s an Amazon and Aquaman is from Atlantis.

“Barry was always sort of like – if it happened to us [getting struck by lightning] then we’d get to be part of the justice league too.”

Also in the exclusive Season 1 video featurette, Grant Gustin (Barry) and Jesse L. Martin (Detective Joe West) talk about wrapping their heads around Barry’s mum’s murder and the difference between The Flash, The Reverse Flash and the future The Flash.

Check out the video below.

To celebrate the release of The Flash (Season 1), Gotham (Season 1) and Arrow (Season 3) on DVD and Blu-ray today (23 September), we’ve teamed up with Roadshow Home Entertainment to give GDU readers the chance to win one of six DC DVDs & Blu-rays over the next six days.

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the Flash website version

What do you love about Barry aka The Flash?

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