There’s nothing quite like a pop culture expo, especially Oz Comic-Con.

You’re surrounded by like-minded peers, your fave celebrities are waiting to speak TO YOU and you get to shop in the largest pop culture retail zone featuring some of the coolest collectables money can buy.

Expos are fun and exciting but they can be blistering hell if you aren’t completely prepared.


But thanks to the online space and GDU‘s past experiences, Oz Comic-Con fans can practically bypass the lines this year and avoid any swollen feet (*shiver*) simply by following these simple tips:


Be cool & use the online tool


Honestly, get your entry tickets online. It’s the one thing everyone attending needs to have so why not pick it up before you get there?


While you’re there pick up your celeb tokens too


I once waited in line for half an hour just so I could purchase tokens to meet my favourite Charmed sister AND THAT WAS JUST THE TOKEN LINE! I then had to wait another half hour to meet her. #NoPatience


Use the bathroom before you leave


I’m starting to sound like a parent, but you’re likely to be waiting a bit before you can atually enter the actual building. So let it all out before you leave home.


Know your way around the room


Organisers usually have a floor plan available inside the gift bag. Be sure to take note of where everything is so you can work your way around the crowd like a pro.


Ladies, thinking of wearing those new heels? DON’T!


We highly recommend slipping on a pair of comfy shoes – unless you like walking around with swollen, blistered feet. I have so much respect for the guys and gals in cosplay – I can only imagine what your feet look like at the end of the weekend.


Have an idea of what you want your fave celeb to sign


Some guests give fans the chance to request a special message – so be sure to have a favourite quote or saying ready to go. Of course, this isn’t guaranteed so don’t be too disappointed if they just sign your name.


Don’t take pics of celebs while they’re signing


It’s against the rules guys.


Hugs are a ‘no, no’ too


Every now and then they’ll be super sweet and stand up for a hug, but mostly they’re working through a crowd of people and don’t have time to hug every single fan.


And finally, just be sure to preplan


Know who you want a photo with, who you want an autograph from and who you just want to watch during the Q&A. Everything is scheduled and the schedule can be viewed online to assist you on the weekend.

Have fun 🙂

What are your tips for getting through the Oz Comic-Con weekend?


  1. 30 whole minutes in the token line?!?! That must have been such a hardship… But I doubt it compared to the 6.5hours spent in last years’ Sydney Supanova Friday token line (and that was the fast-moving/quick day), or the 4.5+hours spent in the queue to actually get our Stan Lee autograph.

    ComicCon is just way too organised if the lines are only 30mins deep!


      • Okay – I’ll pay the standing still in heels thing as a legitimate hardship. DocMartens are my fave Con shoes… they protect my feet from the trampling!


      • The advantage of Docs is that they provide wonderful support to an old ankle injury that likes to annoy me during long days on my feet. But if my feet are in need of the light and comfortable… my second choice is Sketchers GoWalk sneakers.

        Speaking of this organised thing… I really need to make a calendar for our groups collection of Saturday autograph/photo grabbing – just so many places to be this year!


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