From the bustling streets of LA to riots to a couple of ‘safe zones’ protecting only the fittest people in society.

A short nine-day time jump sees our unconventional family unit attempting to get back their everday lives within the compounds of a six mile ‘infection free’ radius protected by high wire fences and an army of ‘green friends’.

The crew are in one of allegedly a few safe zones located within the City of Angels.

These zones, as far as we can tell, are keeping society’s fittest alive and secure – but what’s happening to those deemed too unhealthy or mentally unstable for the barrier?

Fear the Walking Dead

Well, as part of the government’s attempt at controlling the ‘infection’, it has established ‘quarantine camps’, ‘headquarters’, ‘a facility nearby’ or ‘hospital’.

The fact that this mysterious area doesn’t have a single name makes it sound a little like a modern-day concentration camp where those at risk are shipped off to be ‘dealt with’.

We’re not the only ones suspicous of the ‘facility’, even Daniel who survived El Salvadorian conflict believes it’s a place people go to die.

This episode six characters were shipped off to the quarantine camp, including sickly neighbour Hector and his wife, unstable Doug, Daniel and Griselda as well as… drug addict Nick!


It might even be the same place Susan’s husband disappeared to in the last episode.

While part of me thinks we won’t be seeing some of these characters again, another part of me suspects it’s too soon for key characters like Nick and Daniel to be axed off the show – but then again this is a The Walking Dead spinoff so you never really know.

What do you think?

Meanwhile, we’re starting to get a better understanding of why ‘The Governor’ hated the army so much – they’re such a-holes.

They’re dominating the town, they’re arrogantly playing golf, they slipping sly threats into conversations and they’re lying about how well they checked the city for survivors.

“There’s nothing alive out there. We went house by house, block by block.”

I call bullsh#t.

What did you think of the latest episode of Fear the Walking Dead?

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