Guess who’s back! Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller) and Heat Wave (Dominic Purcell) will join our speedster hero for the Season 2 premiere of The Flash

First episode stills released today, show the pair on the set in thick jackets and goggles while aiming their ‘cold gun’ and ‘heat gun’ at an unknown object.

Perhaps Barry?

The Flash season 2

The evil hotties, particularly Captain Cold, made several appearances during the first season as both Barry’s opponents and reluctant sidekicks.

The episode could be one of the few the pair appear in this season as Wentworth and Dominic take their characters over to Legends of Tomorrow with Arrow’s Sara Lance and Ray Palmer.

The Flash Season 2

They aren’t the only ones returning for the season opener, pics also show Firestorm aka Ronnie and Professor Martin will be back along with adorable Cisco and Caitlin.

Plus there’s… Dr Harris Wells!!!

Considering Wells died at the end of last season, his return may be in the form of a flashback OR it could be in an alternate timeline.

The Flash Season 2

Earlier this month, series producer, Gabrielle Stanton confirmed Wells would return ‘in some way or another’.

Click here for more.

What are you hoping to see this season on The Flash? 

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