The latest episode of Fear the Walking Dead delivered a big fat ‘told you so’ to the skeptics by proving it has the same depth, suspense and action as The Walking Dead.

The series returned after a long one-week break for a third nail-biting episode that started off in a rioting neighbourhood and ended with a false sense of security.

Instead of giving you a play-by-play of the episode, I thought I’d look at how society is slowly collapsing in the pre-apocalyptic world.

Here’s my take on it so far:


The fall started in episode two when Travis, his son and his ex-wife found themselves in the middle of an all-out riot. The latest episode picks up where we left off with the threesome stranded in a barber shop owned by a reluctantly hospitable Salvadoran family (father Daniel, wife Griselda and daughter Ofilia).

They may have been able to hide out all night had the rioters not broken into the store next door and set it on fire. Forced to abandon the barber shop they make their way out onto the streets where we see masked rebels unknowingly mixed with the infected. But more importantly we see police officers losing control and even turning into walker chow. What happens to society without authority?


As the group (all six) make their escape, the South American woman’s leg is crushed, forcing Travis to make a stop by the hospital. It’s there we see that health centres are the first to be completely overrun by the ‘infected’.

And why wouldn’t they be? They’re full of sick people, doctors were probably treating it as an ‘infection’ which would likely have resulted in health professionals getting bitten and transformed into new walkers. How does a society survive without doctors and nurses? Won’t the ‘infected’ tally continue to rise without health professionals to treat life-threatening injuries? Also completely explains why doctors and nurses are so scarce in The Walking Dead.


Some people understand how those with the ‘virus’ need to be handled, others don’t. When Travis and his companions return to Madison’s home he finds his neighbour, Peter, munching away at his dog. Travis’ reaction? Attempt to reason with Peter.

Unsurprisingly, his words go through one dead ear and out the other and it almost gets him killed. It was thanks to Daniel’s ‘don’t reason just shoot’ attitude that saved his life.

And then there’s Nick who flat out says “she’s not sick, she’s dead” when discussing the nature of their other neighbour, Susan. Both Daniel and Nick have accepted their new reality, which gives them a better chance at surviving. But what’s going to happen to those in society who don’t see it as anything other than a virus?


Daniel is among the first to accept the undead and the first to recognise that the world is turning into a game of survival of the fittest. Survival is one of the strongest themes in The Walking Dead – survival from the walkers and from other humans. Daniel who recognises the breakdown in society is lying to those that would help him, he’s distrustful and he knows that ‘it’s the nice ones that go first’. He understands that in times of complete devastation people will turn against each other, which is why he is surrounding himself with those he trusts.

Finally, police couldn’t handle the walker situation so the American government sent in the military to takeover. They know how to kill the infected and one of the soldiers even admits to Madison that the infected ‘aren’t who they were’. The army is marking houses and advising everyone to stay indoors. I assume they’ll also introduce a curfew.

With the army now handling the situation and giving Travis hope that ‘everything is going to get better now’ we can’t wait to see how the infected takeover.

Other things we learned this episode:

  • 11 states have declared a state of emergency for both the increase in infected citizens and riots
  • Military are marking people’s homes and taking tallies of who is alive and who is dead
  • Military has figured the infected need to be shot in the head and that they’re not human anymore
  • Electricity is cutting in and out

What did you think of episode three?

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