Sydney-siders will be able to earn some major celebrity bragging rights as an incredible lineup of famous faces head to the Harbour City.

Spend Friday (25 September) and Saturday (26 September) with James Bond at the SPYFest in Goulburn and then drive up to the Exhibition Centre Glebe Island, Sydney where travelling pop culture expo, Oz Comic-Con has scored a range of exciting names for its 26-27 September event.

And when we say exciting, what we really mean is FRELLING AWESOME!

Among them is Clive Standen who plays the deliciously deceitful Rollo in Vikings. Standen will be on-hand personally signing autographs, taking photos with fans and answering any of your questions (within limits).

Plus Richard Dean Anderson who played everyone’s favourite military man with a wicked sense of humour, Jack O’Neill in Stargate SG1, will also be around for photos, autographs and to share a few of his behind the scenes stories.

Oh and who doesn’t want the opportunity to shout ‘Rufio, Rufio, Rufio’ with Dante Basco the actor that starred as the ‘lost boy’ with an attitude in Robin William’s Hook.

The full list of TV, movie and cosplay guests can be viewed by clicking here. You can also pre-plan your weekend by booking tickets online now.

In the meantime, here’s our list of seven celebrities we can’t wait to meet and the questions we REALLY want to ask them.


7. Dante Basco


We can imagine he’ll be inundated with Robin Williams questions, so what we want to know is how long did it take to put on Rufio’s makeup? And did he have to grow his hair to a certain length in order to pull off that wicked Mohawk? Also, has he tried the Rufio makeup and hair recently to see if it would still look as good?


6. David Hewlett


What research did you do in order to play the universe’s most annoying yet ever-so-adorable genius? Was there a scientific word that ever threw you off? Plus the question all Stargate fans want to know – where’s that Stargate Atlantis movie?


5. Rachel Luttrell


Did she come with the fighting skills or did she have months of martial arts training to become the kick-ass Athosian in Stargate Atlantis? Also, did you ever kind of wish the writers would pair Teyla and Ronan up as a romantic couple? Because we did – imagine the warrior little baby Torren would have become.


4. Evanna Lynch


Let’s be honest, she may not have been one of the leads in the Harry Potter franchise but her quirky character was definitely a highlight. We want to know what she did to get into character? And did she feel empowered playing the role of a quirky talent?


3. Brian Krause

Leo Charmed Gif

I’m among the many woman that can attribute their exceedingly high expectations in the opposite sex to Brian or should I say Leo from Charmed. I’ve met the man behind the sweet and patient Whitelighter before but I was soooo unbelievably nervous I came across as a smiling and nodding fool. How embarrassing.

So obviously, if I can get my act together this time, I want to know ask him for a hug – I realise this is against Oz Comic-Con rules but I’m willing to be escorted out for the small exchange.


2. Clive Standen


He’s the power-hungry brother in Vikings that may or may not have betrayed his people in the final episode of Season 3. We’re going try and get a few Season 4 spoilers out of Standen – but we’re sure his lips are tightly sealed. Instead, we’re keen to hear about his role in the new movie Everest – what it was like filming in freezing cold temperatures? Did he do a lot of research into the 1996 disaster before accepting the role? He’s mostly played fictional roles, was there something eerie or different about playing in a movie based on real-life events?


1. Richard Dean Anderson


Honestly, we’re going to be so star struck meeting Richard Dean Anderson, we’re just going to focus on keeping our cool.

Keeping it cool

 Will you be at Oz Comic-Con Sydney?

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