The countdown is on with a little over a week until The Doctor and his Tardis return for a ninth season of Doctor Who.

After seeing that completely epic trailer that dropped last month my expectations for the upcoming episodes are so high, they’d almost touch the Doctor in Gallifrey.

No pressure BBC, but here are the seven things we at GDU are REALLY hoping to see during Season Nine.


1. Unfreeze Gallifrey

Gallifrey Doctor Who

If what we’re told by Missy (aka The Mistress/Master) is true then Gallifrey is back from being ‘frozen in time and space’ by all 13 Doctors and The Doctor really needs to head back there.


2. If Gallifrey is back…


Then I totally expect an EPIC battle with the Daleks. One to finally end the war of all wars… for now.


3. New aliens please


I would love to see a darker season with new aliens and planets – there’s a pretty big chance they may deliver on this one.


4. Bring River Song back already

Dr Who River Song

For all the Doctor-River shippers out their, I would love to see The Doctor find a way to bring River Song back from the library.


5. It’s time to tie the knot guys

Dr Who Riversong kissing

Anyone else think it’s about time The Doctor and River Song get hitched?  We know they eventually get married, but I would love to see the actual ceremony.

In all honestly, seeing The Doctor in love is slightly awkward but I can’t help but giggle like a school girl whenever they’re on screen together.



It’s also about time The Doctor’s daughter, Jenny, returns. Oooo maybe that’s who Maisie plays?


7. And you know, Captain Jack needs to become…

The Face of Boe – but I have a feeling it won’t be explained any time soon.

What do you expect to see during Season 9 of Doctor Who?

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