Two confessions of love, one death, one HUGE surprise and one cliffhanger – another epic Mistresses season final.

Before I start the recap, I’d just like to congratulate the actors and production staff who would have been under immense pressure to ensure the show was a success without Alyssa Milano.

The last 13 episodes are without a doubt among the best in the entire series. They feature strong characters, interesting character development and captivating story-lines. In Sabi’s absence I feel writers were able to experiment a little with unconventional relationships – Karen’s polyamory relationship & April’s co-parenting – which made Mistresses one of the more daring and exciting TV shows to watch this year.

On that note let’s talk about that season three final which left me looking a lot like this:

Nicole Kidman shocked gif


Joss + Calista


I need to know, did anyone guess Wilson was behind Luca’s murder?

It turns out the designer’s former lover had somewhat of an obsession with her so he ‘did away’ with her husband, framed her and her best friend and took ownership of her home and everything inside it.

GREAT twist.

Joss discovered the truth after receiving a ‘welcome home’ package and a ‘hope your enjoying your freedom’ text from ‘Calista’.

Calista denied sending anything, leading Joss to start a private investigation.


In the meantime, Harry asks Joss to accompany him on a working trip through Europe, which she obviously agrees to.

On the hour of their departure, Joss’ investigation leads her away from the airport and to Calista’s former mansion where she finds Wilson dressed head-to-toe as the fashion designer.

But that’s not all, he had the murder weapon (the one the cops couldn’t find to prove Joss’ innocence) pointed right at Joss.

If we’re lucky we’ll get to find out what happens to Joss and Calista (who was about to hang herself in prison) in season four.


April + Mark


Can I just start by saying Mark needs to set a few boundaries with his sibling. First his sister spills the beans on his two-day drink binge and then she tells April that he’s in love with her – WTF!

On a positive, her oversharing assisted April in realising her true feelings for Mark. However, it doesn’t sink in until after he quit his job, packed his stuff and left.

In a desperate attempt to find him, April mildly abuses airline staff over the phone before making her way out the front door with the intention of searching for Mark at the airport – talk about a needle in a haystack.

Mistresses Mark

She didn’t get too far because as she rushed out the house, Mark was making his way up lawn. Their eyes met, they smiled, there were a few awkward words exchanged before Mark FINALLY told April that he loves her, to which April responded with “I love you too”.

And then they kissed!

Meanwhile, how well did Lucy take Mark and Scotty’s departures.



Mistresses S3E13

I really hope Mistresses is signed up for a fourth season because Karen has been one of the most interesting characters to watch on TV and her story is far from finished. She’s gone from a focused and successful therapist to a mistress, alleged murderer, borderline-escort, complete mess and now on to a single mother who just lost one of the loves of her life.

I’d love to see Karen take on the role of a single parent and even potentially explore a romantic relationship with Alec.

But I’m skipping ahead.

In the final we saw Vivian say goodbye to both Karen and her husband, Alec.

While I was sobbing like a child during her final scene, I wasn’t too surprised to see her go. She was introduced to bring stability back into Karen’s life, which was achieved through love and the conception of a child.

It was clear that Vivian’s last wish was for Karen and Alec to raise the baby together. Their lack of communication in the car park didn’t leave us with much hope of that happening anytime soon.

What did you think of the season final?

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