You know how sometimes fans seem to know the ins and outs of a cult TV show like Sleepy Hollow better than the team behind it?

They (we) re-watch the same episodes over and over until every line, movement and blink is engraved into their memory.

So when Entertainment Weekly published a spoiler last week, fans immediately dubbed it as a major scripting error and the website’s comments section blew up.

Sleepy Hollow Abbie

According to the news site, Abbie’s new boss, Reynolds (played by Lance Gross) isn’t just coming in to lead the police station, the two are believed to have been lovers four years earlier when they met at Quantico as recruits.

Now, anyone who has watched the show from the beginning knows that the kick-ass cop was accepted into the FBI Academy, but turned it down to focus on her new duties as a headless horseman slayer.

Fans obviously picked this up and took to the comment section to express their shock:

Wow makes some good points:

Shock 1

As does delorb:

Shock 2

And Sam, well sam just sounds really pissed:

shock 3

But then you have the fans making sense of the situation:

Like a potential time jump?

calm 1

Or how about that spell that rewound time?

Calm 2

Either way we’re sure the creators have a great plan ahead.

Sleepy Hollow returns in the US on 1 October. In Australia the show is aired on Monday nights from 9.30pm on Ten.

Are you keen to see how creators explain Abbie’s FBI training?

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