Say your prayers, the walkers are here and a ‘catastrophe of pandemonium levels’ is about to hit LA.

We’re only two episodes into The Walking Dead spin-off and I’m completely hooked.

The show has strong and relatable characters, the story-line is intriguing and not too predictable but most of all I’m obsessed with the detail behind society’s reaction to an un-dead outbreak.

As mentioned in the recap for episode one, fans of the original series are almost numb to the idea of zombies. But as we rewind back in time we get to see not only how our main characters respond, but those around them.

In the latest episode titled ‘So Close, Yet So Far’, we see Madison, Travis and Nick digesting their first (or Nick’s second) un-dead encounter and coming to terms with it in their own ways.


Travis enters survival mode the moment the three characters drive onto the freeway. He’s got a plan to keep his family safe – get away from people and get away from the virus by driving to a people-free area – the desert. He wasn’t the only one thinking about getting out, I think that cop filling his trunk with water may have had the same idea.

Madison’s disbelief highlights the absurdity of the situation. Even though she’s officially encountered more of the un-dead than any other main character (she’s on four now if you include Matt and her neighbour), she’s still in a state of doubt and hesitation.

I don’t blame her, it’s crazy to think that people could come back to life. Imagine how crazy you’d feel saying it out loud even though you’ve witnessed it with your own eyes. It’s for this reason we think she was unable to tell her daughter what was going on even though the ideal opportunity presented itself.


And then there’s the recovering drug-addict teenager Nick. Although he spent most of the episode hurling his guts out, he actually did a lot this episode to highlight society’s reaction to the outbreak.

Flicking through the radio in the ute, Nick kindly points out that media wasn’t talking about what was actually going on.

Why would media suppress a story about a dead person coming back to life and chewing into ambulance workers during a live TV broadcast?

I have two answers: they were either strongly advised not to, or the government down played the situation by feeding them some great PR, which tells me the government may have been prepared for the virus to spread.

It’s this preparedness that has me questioning exactly how far into the outbreak timeline Fear the Walking Dead is set. We were told we were going back to where it all began, but I’m starting to think we’re somewhere in between the initial creation of the virus and the almost inhalation of all living things.


Meanwhile, young teenager Alicia emphasises the confusion of the unknown. She’s the only one in the family yet to completely understand the extent of the virus or the danger around her. She’s in the same boat as all those people that suddenly rioted after police killed not one, but two un-dead in front of a crowd.

Another highlight of the latest episode is seeing the swift spread of the un-dead virus. Last episode LA locals had only just been introduced to the walkers when one came back to life during a live broadcast.

This episode, our main characters plus the public came across five – the school principal, Matt (Alicia’s boyfriend who was on his way to becoming a walker), the first guy shot at the riot, the second person shot at the riot and Madison’s neighbour.

We’re keen to see how the Clark family adapts to their new reality and what the government will say and do to ease public concerns.

We expect the next episode will see people start demanding more information.

What did you think of the second episode?

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