If you’d asked us two years ago how we felt about the move from Mystic Falls to New Orleans, we’d have said it was a little daunting.

The Mikaelsons fit so perfectly with the Salvatores and the Gilberts, we didn’t really want to see them operating solo (and we were rooting for Calaus [Caroline and Klaus]).

But it didn’t take long for us to get settled in the new city and it’s all thanks to these two important factors.

First and foremost, while most vampire shows and movies focus on romantic obsessions, the characters in ‘The Originals’ (whether its the Mikaelsons, the wolves, the witches or the non-Originals) are driven by the love of family and friendship. We looooooovvve that.

The second is Charles Michael Davis.

Davis portrays the motivated and vengeful yet loyal and caring Marcel. It’s a tough role to play and he has mastered.

But aside from being incredibly talented, he is also gorgeous.

Like not just fine, not just sexy AF, but GORGEOUS.

In fact he is so GORGEOUS that there are times some of us here at GDU (*cough* me) wish we could sign up to be his blood bag.

We’d have even let him suck us completely dry during or after these 11 Marcel moments:


1. That time he fenced… shirtless

Marcel The Originals fencing


2. And stared out into the distance… shirtless

The Originals Marcel staring shirtless


3. When he eyed Cami like this… shirtless

Marcel The Originals shirtless


4. And was all cuddly on the balcony… shirtless

The Originals Marcel cuddly


5. There was that time he looked Rebekah up and down… in a suit

Marcel The Originals


6. And showed off his thrusting skills at karaoke

The Originals Marcel thrusting at Karaoke


7. We’d have let him take more than a drop of blood that time he leaned in to prove a point



8. And that smile had us begging him to ‘bite in’

The Originals Marcel smiling


9. We’d have given ourselves over after this passionate kiss goodbye

The Originals Marcel kiss


10. And after that time he took charge

The Originals Marcel took charge


11. But nothing goes past this hand & mouth movement that had us practically tearing into our own arteries

The Originals Charles Michael Davis

What are some of your favourite Marcel moments?

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