She may have confessed to killing her husband, but I’ve still got my money on Calista’s innocence.

She may have lied, schemed, acted like a demanding diva and tried to redirect the blame onto Joss but when fashion extraordinaire Calista says she loves Joss in S3E12 ‘Reasonable Doubt’ , I truly believe that’s the case.

She loves her so much that she’d even admit to a crime she didn’t commit just so her friend doesn’t rot behind bars. It was a selfless move from an incredibly ‘selfish and narcissistic’ woman.

Mistresses Season 3 Episode 12 Calista

And while I’m excited to see Joss leave the brig and join Harry in their new love-nest (how nice was that apartment), I hope she too sees Calista’s innocence and helps hunt down the real killer.

We all agree Calista didn’t do it right?

Does anyone else watch the TV show Chasing Life? Is it me or does it feel like ABCFamily is in the mood to just kill everyone off… with cancer?

Karen is put in a difficult decision in the latest episode of Mistresses when Vivian asks her to keep her recurred cancer a secret from Alec.

Mistresses Season 3 Episode 12 Karen & Vivian

The dying character wanted to give her husband one last night of happiness before she returns to the hospital for what could be her final days.

Unfortunately not all goes to plan and Vivian passes out just as she, Karen and Alec are heading out to a medical awards night.

It’s unclear whether that will be the last time we see her. My bet is she’ll fade off the show slowly and her final wish will be that Alec and Karen raise the child as a family. Agreed?


And now on to April. I’ve decided to write her an open letter:

Dearest April,

Can you please just make out with Mark already because you know he’s cute and he knows you’re cute and you’d totally be cute together. Also, find a way to prove Miranda is an unfit mother so that Scotty can stay with you, Mark and Lucy because the four of you would make an incredible family.

Okay thanks!

Nahie J

Did you think Calista’s innocent or guilty?

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