Oh boy, that was a rough 41 minutes and 24 seconds.

So it turns out what we saw at the end of Chasing Life Season 2 Episode 7 was real (well, TV show real) – Leo is dead.

And yes, the Leo reaching around to spoon April in the clip below is just a spirit version of the man that left us without so much as a goodbye.


According to Uncle George, Leo likely died of a neurological problem like a small hemorrhage in his brain. That settles any debates that he may have been hiding the return of his cancer from April.

Conveniently, Leo’s medical history meant that he had practically planned out his funeral prior to his sudden death.

We only got to see a snapshot of it but in true Leo-style it was full of life and colour with a gorgeous drag queen beautifully belting out ‘Amazing Grace’ and balloons. It was nice.


Our April was of course sitting on the border of denial and depression throughout the first half of the episode and was even using her imagination (like in the gif above) to hold onto her deceased husband.

She delved even further into denial when she discovered an envelope in Leo’s medical files labelled: ‘To be opened after my death’.

With only a single A4 paper, a set of latitude and longitude numbers and a pass-code she and her bestie Beth set off to find Leo’s final gift.

The ‘pre-death treasure hunt’, reminiscent of the search in ‘P.S. I Love You’, sent April from the wharf, to the park, to the hospital and to the hospital’s roof.

It was a good distraction from her loss until she realised she was one step away from finishing the hunt and losing the last of Leo forever.

Leo 3

Deciding to quit the search, she headed home where she brought Leo to life using her imagination one last time before accepting her new reality.

She climbed the ‘tree of life’ and found one final letter from her man.

Completing the scavenger hunt gave April and fans a chance to say farewell to the incredible, sweet and full-of-life Leo.

As Dominic so kindly pointed out, he came into April’s life when she needed him most, he was her blessing and now… he’s gone.

What does this mean for April?

GDU suspects she’ll adopt Leo’s passion for living and use that energy to beat her cancer. Once her illness is under control we think she’ll travel to Europe for that honeymoon she never had the chance to take.

Did you need a box of tissues for the latest episode?

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