Bring it On is a bit of a bible in life lessons.

During the one hour and 20 minutes flick we learned that cheer-sex is a thing; brushing your teeth can be flirty; having underwear up your ass is better than having a shuttered skull; and there’s a big difference between wiggling your fingers and giving spirit fingers.

But more importantly we learned that if you’re going to insult someone or throw shade you’d better do it with a little spirit, a touch of creativity and a whole lot of ‘tude’.

Because if and when it’s done right, the receiver will be saying ‘brr, it’s cold in here’ years on.

Here are 18 spirited insults from Bring it On that still burn 15 years after its release (I feel so old).


1. I’m wanted, I’m hot, I’m everything you’re not

I'm wanted I'm hot I'm everything you're not


2. Don’t tell me she can cut school just because she broke her leg in three places, hello get a wheelchair



3. Some of us haven’t spent the entire summer working out, right Carver?



4. Do I look like a milkmaid because someone feels like a cow



5. “Missy is bank” – “Uhhh bankrupt!”

Missy is bank gif Bring it on


6. You’re being a cheertator Torrence and a pain in my ass



7. If we’re going to be the best then we need the best. Missy is the poo so take a big whiff

Missy's the poo gif


8. Let’s not put the ‘duh’ in dumb;

You put the ‘lewd’ in deluded;

She puts the ‘itch’ in bitch;

She puts the ‘ass’ in massive;

She puts the ‘whore’ in horrifying

itch in bitch


9. Can we just beat these Buffys down so I can go home?



10. Sorry new girl but nobody hit your buzzer



11. You’re gonna pump our gas someday

Bring it On Pump Our Gas Someday


12. Tried to sell our bit, but you look like sh#t and we’re the ones that are down with it

Bring it On clovers


13. Report those compliments to your ass before it gets so big it forms its own website



14. Cheerleaders are dancers gone retarded. What you do is a tiny subset of dancing



15. I’m gonna kick your ass you evil whore

kick your ass you evil whore


Don’t forget the silent digs


16. That blows

Bring it On blowjob


17. Another kind of spirit finger

Bring it On rude finger gif


18. The straight up – no


Did we miss any timeless Bring it On insults?

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