The Pretty Little Liars fandom has been torn APART.

Where once they shared ideas, discussed theories and held a united front towards solving the big A mystery – they now bicker over whether or not Season 6 Episode 10’s reveal was worth six years of their lives.

Some fans welcomed the Cece is Charles/A reveal with open arms. They say it makes complete sense and see absolutely no flaw in the story line. These guys praise Marlene for creating an intriguing story (which she did) and ending it with a great twist.

There is the group of ‘Cece hopefuls’. These are the ones that are slightly disappointed but have hope that the second half of the season will fill in any plot holes – and it could!

But then there are the guys stuck on ‘WTF’. These are the fans tearing into the story line, questioning every plot hole and sharing their frustration on social media. They are down right irritated and using the funniest memes to express their hurt.

*NOTE* they are NOT part of a ‘we hate Marlene club’ – if anything their extended disappointment emphasises their passion for the show and its creator.

We sifted through and picked out 12 HILARIOUS memes that sum how team ‘WTF’ feels weeks after the reveal:


Maybe if I watch it again… nope still ridiculous

Pretty Little Liars Cece is A


It had to be a lie


Still pale AF


It makes as much sense as advanced algebra

PLL meme


The word ‘HOW?’ keeps randomly escaping my lips

Diary PLL


What’s a limit?



One last time Marlene






It looks strange but makes so much more sense


My head literally cannot wrap around Sara as Red Coat




Red Coat PLL A meme


Still can’t believe how many showers she had (and how is she Black Widow again?)

Seen any great memes? Share them with us below.

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