I am kicking myself for not thinking of the vindictive young model/recently burned aspiring jewellery designer sooner!

(Must’ve used up all my detective skills trying to solve the mystery of ‘A’ on ABCFamily’s Pretty Little Liars.)

In April’s words, “everything is mother ducking nightmare” – for all three ladies in Mistresses Season 6 Episode 11 – but especially for Joss.

Just when you think the gorgeous Daniel (April’s ex-boyfriend) may have delivered Joss‘ pass out of prison, the plot took a turn and it now looks like the party planner may need to team up with her former best friend/new nemesis, Calista, to prove both their innocence.

Joss in Prison Mistresses

Police have turned the evidence – video footage that places Calista at the scene of the crime – against both girls by using it to accuse the pair of killing off Luca together.

We already believe Joss had nothing to do with his death and in a confessional to her lawyer, Calista swore she too was not involved.

Despite Calista’s sketchy behaviour and her recent lies, I actually believe she’s telling this truth.

Her reaction to Joss digging up information on her former husband’s passing seemed to be driven by hurt and self-protection.

Having ruled out both ladies, we now suspect a third party may have been present on the night of the murder, perhaps a certain model Calista recently tricked out of a multi-million dollar jewellery line.



On to Karen. I see monogamy in her future.

This episode sees Karen work up the nerve to tell Alec and Vivian about her pregnancy.

Despite having prepared herself for single parenting, she invited the couple to be part of the baby’s life.

Of course, the duo, who were unable to conceive due to Vivian’s cancer, were keen to make it work and even suggested the child be raised by all three parents living under a single roof .

How the trio will raise the child became the least of everyone’s problems when Vivian shocked Karen with: ‘I’m sick again’.

Do you think writers will kill Vivian off?

I’d just like to take a second to say how incredible I think it is that Mistresses is pushing the boundaries of love and relationships this season – not everything is black and white and it’s great to see that being highlighted.

Blair and April

After weeks of tween attitude, the strained relationship between April and Lucy looks like it could be heading towards one of mutual respect once again.

And it’s all thanks to April’s affair with Daniel.

The pressure of deciding whether to tell Blair about her sexual encounter saw the passive mother overreact mid-argument and slap her daughter across the face.

Now let’s be clear, Lucy’s behaviour was incredibly disrespectful, and I’ve personally felt the urge to slap her for weeks, but to see April actual strike her was a little confronting.

Blair, who we’ve already discovered is in favour of strict parenting, was supportive of her action, which didn’t go down too well with April.

Finally, realising that she’s been letting Blair’s beautiful face and perfect boyfriend resume taint her personality, she ended it with him by revealing her infidelity.

This is awesome news for ‘Maril’ (Marc + April) fans who could soon see the pair taking their friendship to the next level.

Who do you think killed Luca Raines?

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