Honestly, the best three-and-a-half minutes of my week.

Only a few more days until fans of The Walking Dead start to get a better understanding of exactly how ‘walkers’ or ‘the infected’ took over major cities (small towns and even little country escapes) and how the living came to be each other’s worst enemy.

The prequel to the un-dead apocalypse will air in the US on Sunday and thankfully Foxtel’s FX Channel is fast tracking the first episode to viewers in Australia.

Although a spin-off to the original series, Fear the Walking Dead has its own story line and will not cross over into the existing show.

Fear the Walking Dead

As well as having a complete new cast, the show is set in Los Angeles, while The Walking Dead is staged in Atlanta/Georgia on the opposite side of the USA.

Another major difference between the two shows is that ‘walkers’ will be referred to as ‘the infected’ and they don’t outnumber humans. According to Executive Producer Dave Erickson, there will even episodes without the un-dead.

While it’s likely Fear the Walking Dead will tap into the cause of the ‘infection’, Erickson said it’s unlikely a reason will be delivered anytime soon.

In the meantime, AMC has released the first three-and-a-half minutes of the new show on Youtube.

Check it out below!

Fear the Walking Dead will officially debut in the US in three days and Foxtel’s FX Channel will fast track it to Aussies on Monday 24 August at 1.30pm and again at 8.30pm.

Are you excited to check out the spinoff?

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