The legend is reborn and it has been injected with a bit humour.

James McAvoy, who steps into the role of Dr Frankenstein, and Daniel Radcliffe playing the Dr’s protégé (and conscience), Igor, released the movie trailer today alongside an official poster.

In keeping with Mary Shelley’s classic horror novel, the two minute sneak peek features dark and somewhat grotesque elements as the Dr experiments with alchemy and body parts to “create life out of death”.

Unlike the original tale, the film seems to be a bit more of a Sherlock adventure flick as the two ‘creators’ attempt to solve the mystery of life and death and then flee the consequences (and the town’s people).


McAvoy brings a touch of his sarcastic humour to the role, giving the flick what Radcliffe describes as a ‘new twist on a classic tail’.

The movie is scheduled for release on 25 November.

Check out the trailer below.

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