*Major spoiler ahead*

“Is he going to wake up?”

“Ummmm why isn’t Leo waking up?”

“Shake him April! Wake him up!”

“Wait, seriously, is he dead?”

“Oh my gosh I think Leo is dead.”

Oh ABC Family how you have devastated thousands of fans with this one. Some are even swearing off the show and I don’t blame them.

For those who have tried to erase that final scene of Chasing Life Season 2 Episode 7 from their memory – Leo Hendrie, the son of Bruce Hendrie, husband to April Carver, adventure seeker and all-round perfect dude died at age 25 from what we suspect was a recurring (is there a technical term for it?) brain tumor.

Did anyone else look at little like Oprah during the end credits?
It was a shocking moment not only because he was given a clean bill of health, but because… it’s Leo!

The sweetest, the cutest, the friendliest, the funniest, the loveliest, the most considerate, the caring, the finally getting his life on track, Leo.

Not to mention, he’s April’s perfect other half.

He’s the relaxed to her OCD; he’s the spontaneous to her excessive planning; he’s the creative to her technical; and I’m sorry to say but sometimes he was the interesting to her boring.

But none of that changes the fact that it actually happened. Leo Hendrie has been written out of the show.

Once you get passed the initial shock, here are six reactions every Chasing Life fan will have between now and the next episode.


WTF – shock


Were you staring at your TV screen with your mouth wide-open well past the closing credits and into the first five minutes of the next show while mouthing WTF?

This isn’t just shocked, this is WTF shocked.

The WTF shock stage is pretty similar to regular shock except it sees sufferers using the term WTF more regularly than usual.

For example, “did that actually happen? WTF”; or “WTF man WTF, I can’t believe Leo just died”.


Na, they wouldn’t kill him off – denial


Why wouldn’t they give us an indication that Leo would be killed off? Why would they shock us like that? Why would this happen? Would it actually happen? What if they’re just pulling our leg?

If you’re asking yourself any of the questions above and trying to answer them by searching Facebook posts, Twitter updates or recaps then you’re in some pretty heavy denial.

But don’t worry it won’t be too long before you move into…


I’m never watching this show again – anger


The reality is starting to sink in. He isn’t coming back and you’ve only got one season and seven episodes of Leo reruns.

You’re annoyed, you’re pissed and you know what? You’re swearing off this show! Because what could it possibly be like without the gorgeous Leo?


Maybe they can bring him back – bargaining


You know what? Chasing Life is on the same channel as Pretty Little Liars and PLL always brings characters back from the dead. Maybe they can do that on Chasing Life too.

Or maybe he isn’t actually dead. I mean, I know he looked dead but maybe…

No really, maybe they can bring him back somehow or maybe April can see ghosts and he’ll play a spiritual part on the show.

He doesn’t have to go.


Somebody hand me the box of chocolates – depression


It’s hard to imagine the show without him. He was so perfect and wonderful. I think I need some sweets to help fill the hole he left behind.


I’ll just watch it to see how April deals with it – acceptance


At the end of the day, Leo was a pretty cool character.

He definitely brought light to what could have potentially been an incredibly serious show.

Leo opened April and even the viewers to a new, positive and in-the-moment way of thinking and while he’ll be missed, there’s still a story to be told and I kind of want to see the rest of it.

And anyway, I’ll just wait for the release of Blood & Oil for more of Scott Michael Foster.

What was your reaction to tonight’s episode?

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