There’s a little under two months until Oliver Queen and his team of vigilantes return to the small screen.

To get fans all hyped up, CW has been dropping little teasers and hints about the forthcoming season, including details of new costumes, a new lair, new characters and even the return of ‘funny Felicity’ – although I’m not convinced she ever went away.

First things first, let’s check out the new digs.


Reminiscent of the seating arrangement of King Arthur and his knights, Oliver Queen’s new lair features a round table as well as new high tech equipment, several suit storage spaces and a pretty pricey looking vehicle tucked away in the back.

GDU thinks the round-table was selected for the same reason Arthur used one for his knights – to enforce the concept of equality. The Arrow team doesn’t really need a leader these days, especially since Queen has been in and out of the role over the last season, not to mention he and Felicity skipped town for a bit, leaving Diggle and Laurel to pick up the crime work.


The Arrow’s new costume was unveiled at Comicon over a month ago, but for those that missed it, the vigilante is ditching the faux leather and fabric hoodie this season in favour of a completely leather outfit featuring shoulder padding and elbow-length gloves.

The new costume comes as Queen leaves behind ‘The Green Arrow’ and picks up the new identity of simply ‘Arrow’.

Mr Terrific Arrow

Now onto the new characters. There will be at least three new additions this season, including Mr. Terrific who will debut in the second episode.

Mr Terrific is the first openly gay black superhero to join the CW show, according to Executive Producer, Marc Guggenheim.

“We’re often asked when we’re going to add another LGBT character to the show and our version of Mr Terrific happens to be gay for anyone that cares about that kind of stuff,” he explained.

Other newbies will be Batman villain, Anarky, who will be played by Alexander Calvert from The Dead Zone as well as Damian Darhk – a major villain described as ‘mysterious and sophisticated’ and an adversary of the late Ra’s Al Ghul.


But enough about new characters, an oldie but a complete fave, Felicity is apparently going to get some of her spark back this season.

According to Guggenheim, Ms Smoak ‘reacted accordingly’ last season when the show got ‘really, really dark’ but writers will inject more of her trademark humour in the upcoming episodes.

“Certainly no one was more tired of the crying than Emily, but right behind Emily was the rest of us,” he said.

What do you hope to see in the upcoming season?

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