Can we just take a second to appreciate this:

Daniel Mistresses
Image: Mistresses_ABC/Twitter
Stunning right? Like, want to rip that grey shirt off and… well you get the picture.

Now let’s take another second to appreciate the strength it takes to turn down that gorgeous face (and body), ESPECIALLY after he says “you’re the love of my life”.


While some say the latest episode of Mistresses felt like a ‘letdown’ because there was no real progression made in either of the girls’ story-lines, we say any episode featuring Apriel (yeah, we gave April and Daniel a couple nickname) is a winner in our books.

After seeing the mountain of evidence against Joss, April mustered up the nerve to contact the agent/FBI-agent/former lover/liar, Daniel, in the hopes that he could assist in proving her innocence.

Mistresses Daniel
Image: Mistresses_ABC/Twitter
Chemistry between the two characters gave us tingles from the moment he greeted her to when he was pulling off his shirt and carrying her through the living room.

After having her way with him, we were convinced April would call it quits with her current partner/slightly psychotic school principal, Blair.

But much to our surprise, April decided to end it with Daniel because “she still can’t trust him”.

Being the understanding man that he is (*sigh*) , he accepted April’s decision. But he didn’t leave without handing over a USB stick with the first bit of evidence supporting Joss’ innocence.

Image: Mistresses_ABC/Twitter
Speaking of Joss, she’s perhaps the only ‘fish’ ever to make a patient friend on the first night in prison.

She spent the entire episode retelling her situation to her cell-mate and reflecting on what her life could have looked like had she married Scott instead of hooking up with Harry on the beach.

Her parts this episode did feel a little redundant and predictable, but it did reinforce what viewers have known since the beginning – she belongs with Harry.

Image: Mistresses_ABC/Twitter
Oh Karen, if Daniel weren’t in this episode then your surprise pregnancy would definitely have been the focus of this recap.

It’s incredible to see Karen’s character development from the timid, self-loathing and slightly co-dependent girl in Season One to an accepting, proud and experimental woman.

Her growth was no more evident than in the latest episode when she was faced with the tough decision – to keep the child conceived during a polyamory relationship, terminate it or give it up for adoption.

You’ll have to watch the show to see which path she decided to take, but we’re certainly proud of her choice.

One final note:

As much as I adore Alyssa Milano, I have to admit Season Three of Mistresses is shaping up to be one of my faves… and it’s not just because the male characters this season have us all like:

Girl checks out footballer

Do you think April made the right decision or should she have worked through her trust issues?

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