We’ve seen the concept art for the Black Panther character and now we’ve finally seen the suit in action.

It’s not quite what we were expecting, but then again it’s still in the pre-special effects stage.

The black suit was seen hovering from a rooftop in Berlin on the set of Captain America: Civil War.

Image: ComingSoon.net
Image: ComingSoon.net

Black Panther will join the Captain as well as a team of other Marvel characters for the big showdown between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark.

As you can tell, the suit is likely to receive some major touch ups during post production.

Image: ComingSoon.net

In addition to Black Panther, other images feature Captain America in costume and the Falcon in everyday clothing.

Captain America: Civil War is scheduled for release in May next year and features a lineup of Marvel characters.

Image: ComingSoon.net

Joining the Capt., Falcon and Black Panther are Bucky, Iron Man, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Scarlette Witch and The Vision.

The Hulk and Thor are the only Avengers characters still not confirmed for the new movie.

Image: ComingSoon.net

Click here for more images on ComingSoon.net.

What do you think of the Black Panther suit? 


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