To say Pretty Little Liars has had its fair share of disappointments would be a complete understatement.

For around five and a half years, fans have been on a roller-coaster ride of broken promises (how many times did they promise to give us answers) and unnecessary emotional storyline twists – like when Caleb left the show (although Ravenswood was pretty good) or when we found out Maya was dead (I still have hope she’s alive).

And despite the continuous disappointments and lies, we knew that one day our patience would be rewarded when we finally solved the big mystery.

We knew that sitting through five seasons of over acting, misleading clues and Ali was going to pay off because the identity of A (and his or her reason for being a stalker b#tch) was going to be completely EPIC.

How wrong we were.

This meme [below] making the rounds on Twitter perfectly sums up how I and a number of PLL fans feel after tonight’s ‘Big A reveal’.


If you haven’t watched it yet, count your lucky stars and don’t watch it. Let A remain a mystery, it’s better that way because once you know, you can’t un-know.

Maybe my opinion will change once a few more questions are answered in the next season and a half, but until then here’s why learning the identity of A was the biggest let down:


It felt like they were feeding me b#llsh#t

I don’t pay attention to what the show’s creators say on social media, however, as an avid consumer of PLL theories it’s hard not to come across screen shots of what’s been posted in the past.

The head creator told fans that she’s known who Big A was going to be since Mona was revealed as the first A.

I personally think she had an A, but recently either completely changed the person or changed the reason behind their obsession with the girls.

I think the adjustment was made so that the show could either create some controversy or fit in with what’s trending in society aka Caitlin Jenner.

And while I have no issue with Cece’s gender transformation, there were a number of holes that suggest the writers weren’t always planning to go down this track.

For example, they tried to cover Jason and Cece’s former relationship by having A claim that they never actually did anything. But yet, Cece implied in an earlier season that they did – she was also very flirty with him, which is gross in itself (incest = ew).

Plus the rationality behind Cece’s actions – destroying the girls’ lives for years – was that they acted “happy that Ali was dead”. Really?

Cece also said she was a patient in Radley when Mona was there, which is how she got all the information about the girls. So then why did she need Wren to make her a fake visitor pass?

On top of that, Ali was in hiding for years because she was A’s target – if Mona was the person sending Ali the original threats then why didn’t Ali come out of hiding after Mona went to Radley?


Covering up loose ends with one liners

When we found out Cece was the one that hit Ali over the head with a rock, I immediately asked: so who killed Bethany?

Predicting this, writers had Mona casually (okay so she was a little teary) throw into the conversation with the girls – “I killed an innocent person”.


That’s the best they’re going to give us – we’ve waited five years for a detailed play-by-play of that night and they just threw in important information like the above without elaborating.

Also, does this mean Mona is going to prison while the girls are off studying during the five-year time jump?


There have been better As

Honestly, finding out Mona was A was better than it being Alison’s obsessive older brother/sister.

Discovering Toby was on the A team was a more shocking and fulfilling moment because his involvement actually made sense.


Sarah Harvey – WTF


No, seriously?

No, wait… seriously?

I cannot believe the creators made this boring newbie Black Widow/Red Coat.

This chick, had absolutely no motivation to be in the A game and WTF.

I could have accepted Cece’s role as A if there had been an epic Black Widow/Red Coat.

Also, if she is the mysterious Red Coat/Black Widow, why did she need to cover her face with a veil? The girls didn’t know who she was and she just drew attention to herself. #lame


Fan theories

Creators did such a good job of not only building a cult of followers but creating an interactive fan base that resulted in hundreds of theory videos and blogs.

There are literally hundreds of incredible alternatives out there in the world wide web that offer better A choices and motivations.

There are even a few decent ‘Cece is A and Charles’ theories with better reasonings.

It’s hard to believe creators sat back and watched all the amazing theories but still thought theirs was the best direction to take…


It’s my own fault really

I felt encouraged throughout the series to use my imagination and read into every little detail of the show.

So I, with the help of many Pretty Little Liars fan theorists, came up with my own incredible idea of who A, Charles, Red Coat and Black Widow should have been.

And unfortunately, nothing beats your own imagination.

Were you disappointed with the big A reveal?

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