What happens when the Pretty Little Liars meet Disney?

They get gorgeous prom outfits and we get a taste of what their ‘happily ever after’ may look like.

The latest episode saw the five girls glammed up for their night of nights, that went exactly in the way of every ‘Pretty Little Liars’ high school dance.

What do we mean by that? They were searching for someone (in this case Ali and Ali was searching for Charles), something big happened (Ali was kidnapped by A or Charles or both) and there were cringe-worthy partner dances.

But of course, the highlights of the episode (other than Ali’s ‘kidnapping’) were those prom outfits.

They were very much inspired by some of our favourite Disney characters and we think there’s a reason each girl was given a specific Princess.


The Belle

Ali Belle

She had the yellow gown, she ran away and she ended up hostage to a ‘monster’.

But has that monster been misrepresented? Is he actually a gentle beast? Alison’s dress certainly fits the storyline.


The Snow White

Aria Snow White

Awww Aria you were completely adorable in the Snow White-inspired getup.

We think the correlation between dearest Snow and Aria is that she’s been walking around in a deep sleep thinking that her Prince (Ezra) would awaken her when she’s ready.

Talk about a slap in the face when he said he’d rather volunteer for Habitat in Thailand.


The Queen Grimhild

Emily Wicked Witch

Why was Emily dressed as the only villain? Is it because she’s the fairest of them all, for now?

Based on her reaction in the trailer for episode 10, we think Emily may be closely associated with A and discovering the betrayal will send her spiraling into a dark place.

Also, with Aria dressed as Snow White, the Wicked Queen’s least favourite Princess, perhaps next week’s episode will see Emily turn against Aria.


The Rapunzel


Hanna wins best dressed in my book. She was completely working those braids, boots and bare chest.

She’s always gorgeous.

Her connection to Rapunzel? This one is a head-scratcher. Perhaps it’s more about Caleb’s connection to Flynn Rider?

They both dipped into illegal activity and sought redemption once meeting the love of their lives.


The Ariel

Spencer as Ariel

Still not completely sure what the connection between Spencer and Ariel is but can I just say that as a HUGE ‘The Little Mermaid’ fan, I’m offended she got the blandest outfit.

Perhaps she was given the Disney Princess because she is the reason Toby was suspended from the force, like Ariel was the reason Eric almost married a sea hag.

Or maybe she’s about to give up something big for someone she loves.

What do you think? Which Pretty Little Liar had the best Disney prom dress?

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