Ali runs into the bushes and is followed by… Red Cape?

Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Episode 9 ‘Last Dance’ was full of surprises, I almost don’t know where to start this recap.

The latest instalment in the teen drama opened a little slow with background chatter about the girls missing out on their night of nights aka the prom and their high school graduation ceremony.

We had to sit though a WTF pep talk from Spencer to Ali’s now ex-boyfriend Lorenzo plus we watched Caleb tell the most obvious lie to Hanna (still love him though).

And to top it all off, the mums (who were amazing this episode, but more on that later) threw a ‘pity prom’ or a ‘promette’ or an intimate and slightly boring party for the girls in Spencer’s barn – of all the places in the world.

Welcome to the ‘pity prom’.

The episode picked up when Ali decided to follow Charles’ instructions and meet him at the actual high school dance.

It didn’t take long for the girls to abandon their sad… I mean ‘pity prom’ and follow Ali to the gathering.

Surrounded by a bunch of unfamiliar teenagers at a smaller than expected dance, the girls enjoy one ‘Last Dance’ with their men and woman; talk about their futures (Caleb + Hanna moving to NY YAY!); and do what they do best – search and lose Alison.

These four ladies were incredible in this episode.

Meanwhile, back at Spencer’s house, four kick ass mothers decide to finally confront Kenneth with the question we all want answered “how the hell do you hide the existence of a son?”

They barge into the Dilaurentis household only to find Kenneth is nowhere to be found.

But their head-on attack wasn’t all for naught because Jason’s look-alike (remember him from episode eight?) randomly enters the house, leaving all four women stunned and Ella all like “I think we just met Charles”.

Someone lures the ladies into the basement where they’re locked up in the dark and of course thunder strikes – literally, the weather changed just as the light in the basement went out.

Meanwhile, back at the prom.

Back at the prom, Ali follows a red caped ‘Charles’ into an abandoned area where she is seemingly kidnapped by black hoodie.

Over to the girls, who are now searching for missing Ali – we learn that Clark is actually an undercover cop.

And back on over to Ali, she’s dragged to a secluded area where black hoodie finally takes off his or her hoodie!

Our face when we realised Alison was going to see black hoodie and we weren’t.

And that’s it. Seriously.

We’ll have to wait until next week’s mid-season finale for more.

On another note, how amazing did the girls look in their prom outfits.

Pretty Little Liars Prom Last Dance Season 6 Episode 9

Which Pretty Little Liar prom dress did you like best?

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