Another member of the Tatum family is joining the world of superheroes.

Jenna Dewan-Tatum has signed on for a recurring role in DC’s new series, ‘Supergirl’.

She joins a lineup of celebrity guests and recurring cast members including Calista Flockhart who is coming on as Supergirl’s tough boss; Peter Facinelli as Maxwell Lord the billionaire with a fascination in National City’s newest citizen; and Chris Browning who plays Ben Krull aka Reactron the supervillain.

Jenna will play Lucy Lane, the sister of Lois Lane, who is described as ‘brash, funny and successful in her own right’.


While the gig is good news for the actress’ career – returning to the small screen after featuring in ‘The Mindy Project’ and ‘The Witches of East End’ – it may also create some playful tension at home as hubby Channing Tatum signs off on his very own deal with DC’s rival Marvel.

Click here for more info on Tatum’s role as ‘Gambit’.

‘Supergirl’ will start airing in the US on 26 October. It’s unclear which Australian network will have the rights to the show, however, TV Tonight expects it will be Channel Nine.

Check out the trailer for ‘Supergirl’ below.

Do you think Jenna will play a great Lucy?

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