Australia’s one and only Sci-fi film festival will return to Parramatta, Sydney later this year with a bigger line up of films, celebs and activities.

Last year’s inaugural event attracted some 2,000-fiction fans and film entries poured in with over 100 movies submitted by aspiring filmmakers.

Now, in its second year, Festival Director Tom Papas told GDU that while organisers were happy with last year’s turnout, the second Sci-Fi Film Festival will be even bigger with more for attendees to see and do.

The biggest change in 2015 will be the consolidation of the event under a single roof.

SciFi Film Festival

Construction around Parramatta’s Riverside Theatre last year meant the convention side of the festival was separated from the screens.

However, this year, they’ll all operate inside the same venue, making it easier for attendees to move between rooms.

Papas said bringing everything together also allowed organisers to add an additional movie screen, which means film lovers will have access to more movies.

SciFi Film Festival 3

As part of the festival’s rules all films submitted need to have been made within a 30-day period.

This year, around 150 filmmakers have submitted video entries, which range from short films running under 20 minutes; medium-length under 60 minutes; or full feature films over 60 minutes.

Papas has been tasked with the role of culling entries down to around 90 that will be screened and judged over the weekend.

But of course, there’s more to the film festival than just movies and venue. Here are four more reasons why you’ll want to be at this year’s SciFi Film Festival.


A Hollywood judge

Hollywood producer who has worked on episodes of Rosewell, Monk, House of Lies and more has been recruited to judge entries.


World Premiers

While details are still scarce, Papas said attendees can expect to see up to five world premiers at this year’s event.



Mingling with like minded people, taking pics with your favourite Cosplay outfits and purchasing film & TV paraphernalia – it’s even fiction-fan’s dream come true.



Papas confirmed there’ll be at least one celebrity and this year’s SciFi Film Festival, however, he remains tight lipped about who it might be.

Be sure to keep an out on GDU for more information.

SciFi Film Festival 3

The SciFi Film Festival will be held on 31 October – 1 November at the Riverside Theatre in Parramatta. The winning movie will be announced on 7 November.

Tickets can be purchased on the day.

Will you be attending this year’s SciFi Film Festival?

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