Warner Bros seems to have found the perfect man to play beau to one of DC Comic’s most powerful superheroes.

Star Trek’s Chris Pine has been cast as Steve Trevor – Wonder Woman’s love interest, TheWrap reported.

Allegedly signing up for a multi-picture deal, Pine will star alongside Gal Gadot, who was selected to be the Amazonian superheroine two years ago.

While details of his role in the Wonder Woman flick are still under wraps, what we do know is that Steve Trevor featured heavily in the heroine’s comics.

They met after a plane crash left him stranded on Wonder Woman’s isolated homeland.

It didn’t take long for Wonder Woman aka Princess Diana of Themyscira to fall for his charms and leave her isolated land to be with him.

We’ll just have to wait until a little closer to the movie’s release to find out how Warner Bros plans to bring the character to life on screen.

Wonder Woman will make her first appearance in ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ next year. This will be followed by her solo flick on 23 June 2017.

Do you think Chris Pine is the perfect man to play Steve Trevor?


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