Shout out to the team of writers for scripting a great episode.

Season six episode eight titled ‘FrAmed’ was a good mixture of emotion, friendship, deceit, shocks, A, oh and Red Coat!

That’s right, our favourite blondie in the crimson hoodie is back.

Red Coat

After quite an extensive absence, she made three appearances in the newest episode – two of them were with black hoodie aka A.

She wasn’t the only one to make a surprise comeback this episode as ‘Ella Ella Ella’ also graced us with her presence. Finally! I missed you Holly, you’re my favourite thing about Aria.


Character comebacks aside, this episode had two major storyline shockers.

The first was A or Charles or both crashing Aria’s ‘exhibit’. The second was when we met Jason’s doppelganger.

And just for kicks, did everyone see how the writers tried to ‘FrAme’ Clark. I see right through them! He looked completely confused when he got out of the car like he was looking for a stranger that had sent him a random text to meet in a foreign location. #ISeeThroughYou

Hello Jason’s look alike.

But my absolute FAVOURITE thing about tonight’s episode – Hanna.

She has been one bad ass character this season. Why? Because she’s doing things that need to be done (wanting to dig up Charles’ grave – putting a tracker on Jason’s car) but more importantly TELLING THE TRUTH!

Hanna has clearly had it with the lies and it is so refreshing to watch this show and actually have one of the girls saying and doing what actually needs to be said and done.

And never has she been more of a ‘Pretty Little Truth Teller’ (a working title) than during the latest episode.

Here are 10 times Hanna was completely on point in ‘FrAmed’:


1. “Maybe someone can put a fist to that face”

Everything Hanna said during the opening scene was completely on point – but that line actually had me ROFL-ing.


2. “Charles is vicious, we all know that and now everyone else knows it too”

So true. No offense Ali but you’ve known about your other brother for a whole of two minutes – stop acting like you grew up together. Which brings me to…


3. “You played ski ball, once, I wouldn’t call that family bonding”

YES! Thank you Hanna, thank you!


4. “Cops could have used that cheque to trace the money right back to Charles’ wallet”

Hanna is pushing to tell the truth but everyone else is forcing her to lie.


5. “That was really rude”

Oh my gosh seriously, how rude was it when Spencer shut down Hanna for ordering a water.


6. “I wasn’t actually thirsty, I was trying to make us look normal”

Yeah Spencer!


7. Two-way glass? Cameras in hall? Listening?

Great thinking Hanna. She doesn’t underestimate A or Charles or both anymore.


8. Taking a sneaky pic of Jason’s look alike

GENIUS. Just genius.


9. Staring at A’s ‘exhibit’

Emily and Spencer judged her for staring but she was just trying to absorb every detail.


10. “We should follow him”

Yeah you should.


Totally random:

I just want to take a second to acknowledge the total random, bizarre and unbelievably aspects of the latest episode.

Sooooooo Lorenzo’s arm… the soft balls broke it?

Sooooooo Tanner offered to use practically the entire police force to accompany Aria to her art show. Yeah okay.

Did we miss anything? Share your favourite Hanna moments with us below.

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