It’s still early days, but Rachel McAdams could very well be part of Marvel’s next project.

Rumours of her potential involvement in Doctor Strange started spreading over the weekend, getting fans a little excited.

Now the ‘Mean Girls’ actor has confirmed she may very well have a role in the flick.

“It’s still super early days and I don’t know where that’s gonna go,” she told the Los Angeles Times.

“If it’s gonna go anywhere at all.”

If talks do advance and she signs on for the role, McAdams will join Benedict Cumberbatch aka Doctor Strange; and Tilda Swinton who will be ‘The Ancient One’.

Is Benedict Cumberbatch The Perfect Doctor Strange Or Nah?

Also rumoured to be part of the cast is Chiwetel Eijofor who starred in ’12 Years A Slave’.

I personally hope McAdams is connected to the film.

If she is, she’s likely to play the role of a potential love interest such as Clea who married Strange in the comics.

Her involvement would be amazing!

Do you think McAdams would be a great addition to the movie? 

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