Soooooooooooo Charles is Alive? And apparently he’s not Alone.

Just finished watching Pretty Little Liars season six episode seven ‘Oh Brother, Where Art Thou’.

Instead of doing a usual recap, today we’ve decided to share a completely random theory we have based on the latest episode.

But for those already losing fragments of the latest ep. here’s a quick brief:

Ali’s dad dragged her out of town to get away from Charles.

There’s a whole bunch of crap with Emily being all stage five stalker with Sarah.

The girls get a few tips from Youtube on how to remove trackers and successfully do so (seriously nothing on this show is realistic).

And then we get to the good stuff.

Charles invites Jason to an exclusive birthday party.

Jason practically comes face-to-face with his allegedly dead but obviously still alive older brother only to have officer Toby and his partner along with the stupid (yeah I’m pissed) little liars bombard the abandoned arcade where the ‘party’ was being held.

After the idiots (still pissed) crashed, Charles threw a few softballs in their direction so he could make his escape.

So annoyed!

But the goods didn’t stop coming.

Jason and Ali are back in their family home having a boring old chat when it happens… a little boy’s voice calls out “Jason, Jason, Jason come and play”.


He and Ali run upstairs towards the voice where they see an old family movie playing – in it a young Jason and Ali are playing with and celebrating the birthday of a ‘distant cousin’ in the same arcade Charles lured Jason to.

Now obviously we think the boy is Charles because he kind of looks like an older Jason. Plus there’s red balloons in the video and the kids are playing with blue frogs – both of which Charles left for Jason on the porch earlier in the episode.

But then Mrs D. calls the boy ‘Freddie’.

Ali says her mum had told the siblings to keep the birthday a secret, which would explain why she’d lie about the boy’s name, but then we started thinking…

Freddie vs Jason.

What if Freddie is Freddy Krueger and Jason is Jason Voorhees? What if they’re both A? What if they’re both serial killers?


We know it sounds random – because it is – but just hear us out.

Let’s start with the birth of Freddy Krueger. According to the movies, Freddy’s mum was a nun who worked in an asylum. One day she was accidentally locked in a room with one hundred maniacs and from there Freddy was conceived.

Now let’s look at both Jason and Freddie’s (Charles) mum. Mrs D. may not have been a nun, but she was on the board of trustees at Radley – a mental institution aka modern day asylum.

Freddy Krueger’s victims dream of young children, jumping rope and singing ‘One, Two, Freddy’s coming for you’ before he attacks.

In the video Jason and Ali are watching, young Freddie (Charles) says ‘Jason, Jason, Jason come and play’.

The fun and somewhat creepy sentence is very much in line with Freddy’s chilling rhyme.

But that’s not all. In the video Freddie (Charles) is celebrating his 10th birthday. Freddy Krueger’s rhyme goes up to 10.

Now let’s take a look at why Jason is Jason Voorhees aka the guy with the hockey mask from ‘Friday the 13th’.


Remember that hockey stick (it belonged to Spencer or Melissa), well Jason is seen catching it when Ali tried to hit him with it earlier in the show.

Plus there’s the fact that all the guys in the N.A.T club are dead except Jason. Therefore he is a total serial killer.

There you have it – Charles and Jason are Freddy and Jason. They’re both A. They’re both serial killers and now that Freddie (Charles) knows he can’t ‘trust’ Jason, they’re about to turn on each other.


Just to be clear, this theory is completely random and not the one we’d put our money on.

Did we miss anything? Share your random Pretty Little Liars theories with us below.


    • That’s a great point! I’m actually starting to believe that the black hoodie that kidnapped Ali in the latest episode was either Charles to warn her of Jason or Jason who finally reveals himself as A – the stalker/psycho killer.


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