The Arrow isn’t the only superhero getting a makeover this year.

The Flash suit Cisco designed in season one was pretty amazing, but we’re loving the new threads.

CW shared an image of the season two outfit on Facebook today, only a few months after finishing up the first season.

The picture was accompanied with the caption: “NEW SUIT, NEW SEASON! ‪#‎TheFlash‬ S2 premieres Tuesday, Oct. 6!”

So what’s different about the new outfit?

The Flash season two suit

Well, the new suit is slightly darker than its predecessor.

Then there’s the ‘flash’ chest symbol, which now sits over a white background – more in line with the symbol in the comics.

According to Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg, the new suit actually made an appearance during the first season when Barry sees his future self fighting with the Reverse-Flash.

We’re ashamed to say that we missed it :/

Speaking of season two of ‘The Flash’, Kreisberg also revealed that Barry will come across more ‘rogue’ bad guys in Central City.

“We don’t sit down and say how many characters do we dump into this?” Kreisberg said.

“It’s like: what can we do for the characters that we have? And when we bring somebody on, it’s not just to bring a character on.

“It’s to: how is that character coming in going to affect and change and help our characters grow?”

‘The Flash’ returns for the second season in October.

What do you think of the new suit?

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