Big things come in small packages. A big spectacular. A little hero. Half the size, twice the man.

Now that we’ve got some of the ‘big/small’ puns out of the way, let’s talk about how hilarious and exciting Ant-Man really is.

The latest film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe hit the cinemas on Friday and while its debut is expected to fall slightly short of some of Marvel’s other titles, it’s a hit in our books.


For those unfamiliar with the comic world, the concept of the movie would seem kind of strange – a man that shrinks and uses an army of ants to ‘save the world’.

But through a bit of humour, high-tech graphics, great scripting and an incredible leading man, the bizarre storyline is actually quite refreshing in a world of recycled pictures.


As a superhero’s origin movie, ‘Ant-Man’ starts off a little slow as viewers are introduced to Scott Lang (played by Paul Rudd) – a former burglar with a Masters in Engineering who is struggling to rejoin society and connect with his young daughter after a short stint in prison for an anti-corporate crime.

The movie picks up as it nears the second half, when he and his three thieving companions (who are hilarious by the way) break into Hank Pym’s (Michael Douglas) home where Lang discovers the red and metallic suit.

Yellowjacket Ant-Man

Pym, who invented the ‘organic atomic reduction’ costume, recruits Lang to become the pint-sized hero and assist in a major heist to save the world – more specifically stop the movie’s villain Darren Cross (Corey Stoll) from selling his own shrinkable costume (named Yellowjacket) to Hydra (yep, they’re back).

At times, ‘Ant-Man’ felt a little predictable, however, random humour from Lang and his three companions (or as Pym calls them ‘the three wombats’) delivered some surprise and even put the movie on par with Guardians of the Galaxy in terms of ‘LOL’ moments.

There’s also the big heist and the microscopic fights between the two suited characters that brought ‘Bourne’ and ‘Mission Impossible’-like action to the flick.


All-in-all, we think Ant-Man is a great addition to the Marvel Universe and ‘The Avengers’, which scriptwriters hinted Lang will be apart of in the near future.

In the words of Lang’s best friend, Luis, ‘Ant-Man’ brought some ‘David Copperfield sh#t’ to our day.

More of our thoughts on:

Paul Rudd’s portrayal of Ant-Man

Rudd brings that dorkiness from his time as ‘Josh’ in Clueless and Mike in ‘Friends’ and mixes it with a little bit of Spiderman’s stealth, Iron Man’s smarts, Star Lord’s humour, Captain America’s passion and Hawkeye’s toned torso.

We think he’ll sit perfectly alongside Evans, Hemsworth, Johansson, Downie Junior, Mackie and Renner in the third Avengers movie.

The romance

Unlike other Marvel movies (and perhaps this is one of our favourite differentiators) Ant-Man is not driven by a traditional Hollywood love.

That is that his transformation from ‘burglar’ to superhero was driven by the desire to be the hero of his daughter’s life and not that of a female companion.

Best moments

Can’t go past the moment The Falcon landed on the roof of The Avengers building.

But The Falcon’s appearance was totally overshadowed by the fight between Ant-Man and Yellowjacket in Cassie’s (Lang’s daughter) bedroom #ThomasTheTankcomestolife.

Have you watched ‘Ant-Man’? Let us know what you thought below.


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