TGIF! What a great way to end the work week.

We’re completely psyched over these first images from the ‘X-Men Apocalypse’ movie featuring two new mutants plus some of our old favourites.

Of course Entertainment Weekly got the scoop on the pictures taken on set of the upcoming flick.


Pics show Olivia Munn looking bad-ass with purple streaks through her hair and sporting Psylocke’s thigh high boots, body suit and cape.


Plus there’s Oscar Isaac dressed as the 5,000 year-old unfriendly-looking Egyptian mutant Apocalypse.

Isaac’s character is the focus of latest installment in the X-Men franchise, which will tell his story as the first-ever mutant.


““He is the ­creative-slash-destructive force of this earth,” Isaac said.

“When things start to go awry, or when things seem like they’re not moving towards evolution, he destroys those civilizations.”


Meanwhile a number of our favourite actors from ‘Days of Future Past’ and the original X-Men movies return for the new movie.


Among them is Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender and James McEvoy who play Mystique, Magneto and Professor X.


Plus we’re so excited to see Evan Peters pick up his role as the quirky speedster, Quicksilver (loved his portrayal of the superhero – sorry Avengers).


‘X-Men Apocalypse’ is scheduled to hit cinemas in May next year. #Cantwait

What do you think of the new pics?


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