What’s it going to be guys, is Charles dead or alive?

This emotional rollercoaster the Pretty Little Liars writers have us on is irritatingly exciting.

Although to be honest, in this episode it was more irritating than it was exciting.

In less than two episodes we’ve gone from Charles is dead to Charles is alive – usually they give us a little more time to digest a person’s passing (say two seasons) before unveiling their sudden rise from the grave.

To be fair, the early unveiling was surprising and unexpected.

That was just one of the 😮 moments this episode, which was backed up by a few :/ moments.

Here are the five moments that surprised us and the other five things we totally saw coming during Pretty Little Liars ‘No Stone Unturned’:

TOTALLY SAW IT COMING: Sarah is still around and there’s sexual tension between her and Emily.

SURPRISE: Caleb knows what a Kimye is…

TOTALLY SAW IT COMING: Three things -the awkwardness between Aria and Ezra; Aria lying about the doll; and seeing him enjoying the company of another lady.

SURPRISE: Lesli wears fake glasses, but more surprisingly she has cages in the trunk of her car (what’s not going to be a surprise is when Spencer finds  out her theory about the cages was wrong and completely vain – not everything is about you ladies).

TOTALLY SAW IT COMING: Dean is into Spencer. Duh! Why does everyone want to kiss Spencer? (Loved him in Vampire Diaries though).

A WELCOME SURPRISE: Caleb and Hannah’s ‘reunion’.

TOTALLY SAW IT COMING: Mona was bound to rock up at some point this episode, why not during the creepiest part.

SURPRISE: The girls found out they’re tagged (although I think Leslie uses the scanning device on the animals – I highly doubt she’s A… or Charles).

TOTALLY NOT A SURPRISE: Writers wasting time with that completely  unnecessary Habitat trip to Thailand. WTF.
Also Sarah kissing Emily… so not a shocker.

SURPRISE: We suspected it but the early reveal of Charles’ living presence was very much a surprise. Also that note he sent to his dad – LOL awesome can’t wait to see the episode with the ‘party to die for’.

Did we miss any surprising or unsurprising moments?

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