We’re not sure they’d be able to spit bars like the legends, but they sure do look good paying homage to some of the most iconic hip hop album covers of all time.

Marvel has once again delved into the rap-game with a sneak peek of some creatively (and hilariously) reworked album artwork.

The entertainment and comic giant unveiled 11 covers this week – a small sample of around 50 variants rolling out from October this year.

Album 1

Among the well recognised covers is the 1992 Dr Dre classic ‘The Chronic’, which has been renamed to ‘Dr Strange: The Mystic’.

Album 2

Kamala Khan replaces Ms. Lauryn Hill on ‘The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill’ and Sam Wilson knocks A$AP Rocky out of his black and white shot for ‘Long.Live.A$AP’.

Album 3

‘The Astonishing Ant-Man’? I think you mean ‘The Adorable Ant-Man’.

Another brilliantly reworked album cover is Notorious BIG’s iconic ‘Ready to Die’, which sees a baby Ant-Man in full superhero gear and ‘Ready to Shrink’.  

Album 4

Oh and then there’s Iron Man who looks practically bullet proof on the cover of 50 Cent’s ‘Get Rich of Die Tryin’.

Album 5

Marvel’s Editor in Chief, Axel Alonso said the superhero album covers highlight the ‘seamless relationship’ between hip hop and Marvel Comics.

What do you think of the hip hop/comic fusion?

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