To those that loved her, the seventh season of ‘The Vampire Diaries‘ may be a little hard to swallow… at first.

I mean, how can a show go on without the lead actress?

Well it can and it doesn’t only have the potential to be good it could be so much better.

Use the ‘OC’ season four as an example. The show took a completely different turn without the messy Marissa drama. Scriptwriters had the opportunity to focus on other characters and it turned out to be one of my favourite seasons.

And it looks like Nina Dobrev aka Elena Gilbert’s departure will do the same for ‘The Vampire Diaries’.

Speaking at Comic-Con over the weekend, stars of the hit series said the ‘bitter sweet’ departure of Nina Dobrev creates an opportunity to tell a new story of Mystic Falls.

“It’s just an evolution of the story,” Ian Somerhalder aka Damon Salvatore said.

“Stories come, stories go — this is Mystic Falls without Elena Gilbert.”

While the series frontrunner may not physically be part of the new season, Candice Accola aka Caroline Forbes says Elena’s departure was scripted in a way that allows her ‘essence’ to still be part of the new series.

For those that haven’t got around to watching season six, Elena essentially becomes sleeping beauty – put to sleep only to awaken upon the death of her best friend Bonnie. Got to love those curses.

“She’s just taking a little nap,” joked Somerhalder.

So what will happen to some of the other favourites in her absence?

Damon Salvatore

Remember the first time we met Damon – he was a cold, mischievous and openly killing vampire machine.

You can probably expect that guy to return.

“The old f#$-ing Damon, the Damon we really fell in love with. The volatile sexy scary s— … I’m bringing that back,” Somerhalder explained.

But while the naughty Damon may reappear initially, GDU believes his love/hate relationship with Bonnie will help him reconnect with his ‘humanity’.


I’m not going to lie, here at GDU we’re still holding onto Caroline and Tyler.

But we understand that people must move on with their lives (even in a completely fictional world).

Steroline – Stefan and Caroline – will continue their relationship when the show returns, which unsurprisingly will be full of ‘twists and turns’.

“I do like the fact there is so much history between the two characters. I really like Steroline,” Paul Wesley aka Stefan Salvatore said.

“I love a good slow-burn relationship in a television series,” Accola added.

Are you excited to see how the storyline progresses without Elena?


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